Sunday, June 8, 2008

Judgement Day in Less Than Half a Day

Hi friends,

Provincials are coming. It is TOMORROW!!! But don't fret, it is nothing bad. I believe that the reason why people do bad on the exams is because they are nervous or scared and that there isn't sufficient time. The exams are just longer tests. It isn't much more difficult than a test but a bit more tedious because of the lengthy and copious amounts of queBenofschool here. Seeing that my good ol' buddy m@rk didn't scribe I decided to do it for him. What we did TWO (YES TWO [2]) days ago was study for the provincial exams coming up. Thestions in under 3 hours. All that you have to do is just relax, feel confident in all of the studying you did (Don't be over confident because the will backfire. Just be enough that you are beginning to feel comfortable.) Studying would be the best way to cope with that pre-exam fear. Hopefully everybody asked others for help because listening to a peer is just as good if not better than asking a teacher. The voice of a peer is very valuable. There are many ways to be prepared for the exam and it varies among students. So there isn't a right way but only a wrong way to prepare. It all depends on you and what makes you feel comfortable in situations like tomorrow Provincial Math Exam. My method for studying might not be good for others but it makes me feel comfortable. Hopefully everybody has that comfort zone in their studying.

Remember that time is a major issue for many people. That is why studying helps. Studying helps us all see the path to solving that problem quicker, more elegantly, and most of all more efficiently. The exam may play around with words or problems. They might word it differently, so just take your time in reading the questions carefully. If it helps, read the questions out loud but quietly because when you read with just your eyes your brain doesn't register it like when you read it with sounds being heard.

To end this scribe as well as ending the final scribe I tell you this. Sorry if I can't be poetic like my friend Francis but I can be positive. Good Luck at the exam and remember not to be scared. Just feel comfortable and everything will be fine. Drink lots of water, bring water to the exam, bring pencils (note the plural), erasers (again the plural), and a lucky charm that are magically delicious. You can even bring a real rabbit's foot but not a real rabbit's foot because that is CRUEL!
Mr. K I have one favor to ask you. Could you use that before test line I just said above before the exam. I'm sure everybody will be happy when they hear that.

Don't let the sky be the limit. Surpass the sky. And like what my good friend Andrew says, "Carpe Diem!" Which means seize the day. Hope to see everyone again in Calculus!!!

Good Bye and Good Luck! =)


Anonymous said...

....*begins slow clap with tears in eyes*

Skyline said...

haha good work Ben. I didnt read most of it cause Im studying and didnt want to be distracted, but it LOOKED amazing. I imagine the read was equally impressive :)