Monday, February 25, 2008

Jamie's First BOB

Hello universe, and hello there BOB...I think everyone's introduced. I see from previous posts, everyone knows BOB.

There's an upcoming test this week and the normal thing is to be nervous. But I'm not normal, I'm just something else..and if you're something else, you can have different feelings like anxiety and quivering in fear. But what way better to review than to talk about what was learned in the past month or so?

The first unit was about Circular Functions. Functions about Circles...that's just plain cool. Radical, really. and round.. I just like making the "R" sound....TORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTILLA nailed it! But yes, no more tangents. This unit was a great introductory unit, and it made me feel better about myself because I felt so smart coming up with answers out of no where but that was the beginning. It was basically a review of grade 11 pre-cal, from where i just freshly sprung from last semester...We took "rules" like CAST and disregarded them-- REBELS!! and we took theories apart and properly determined the difference between an equation and a proportion.

BUT THERE IS ONE SLIGHT PROBLEM that might just lead to my demise in the near future. I am a SLOOOOOOW learner. Or as benofschool used to say, "as swift as a turtle"...actually slower than that. A sloth. I just have a problems with prioritizing [spelling?] thoughts in my head. I know the most random of things, like the lyrics to any Sweeney Todd song or how to talk in different accents, but I still can't grasp the whole idea of the unit circle and the DABC concept. Don't get me wrong, I know it and where the information comes from and understand it, it's just I can't register these values fast enough to finish a test!!!! URGH!!! I'm not making any excuses like a scapegoat, but I'm just saying I can do about a century. The funny thing is, my magic number is not 6. It's more like 6, 295,048...I know I'm overexaggerating, but I'm getting the point across. I'm even trying a new thing [the idea came from the walkie talkie device on the blog] where I recorded myself singing the sincostan values in quadrant one and then making my way across all of the quadrants because I believe music is my TOOL. Yes, I try to be innovative you know....also modest, but I suppose I'm not doing a great job at that.

OKAY YES...Mr. K. did say to not MEMORIZE but REMEMBER...but sometimes I just the provided example to the idea of the paradox, FORGET TO REMEMBER. Here I was last year being told that the "VERTEX WAS EVERYTHING", but now it's more like "IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE UNIT CIRCLE, YOU WILL FAIL." How encouraging. and the PARAMETERS!!! for graphing these functions. But I promise to you world, BOB, and myself that I will master the art of circle-- THE ROUND SENSEI.

By the way, good luck on your tests everyone! Let's count down to it like it's another New Years DAY! Don't mind my being nutty, it's just I'm trying to think of the glass being half full right now. hahah