Monday, February 25, 2008

BOB on Circular Functions

Now that there's a test, I'm slightly nervous, but anxious to get it over with. This unit at first was quite simple and straight forward because converting degrees to radians in respect to proportions is quite easy.

The unit circle however, was really annoying because of all the memorizing we had to do. We had to memorize each point for every radian measurement on the unit circle, but everything in math is a pattern, and as soon as you have the pattern etched in memory then it should be no problem memorizing things such as the unit circle. I still sometimes have trouble with the points because I have yet to memorize it all. In time I will though. I guess I should draw out the complete unit circle a couple times without any outside help such as notes.

The next part I found worth mentioning is the trigonometry equations, we did these in grade 11, and I remember these quite well. I believe these equations were introduced to us in preparation for the sine and cosine waves that we are currently working on. Found from the equation f(x) = AsinB(x-C)+D or f(x) = AcosB(x-C)+D. Sure, it may look hard at first but with all great puzzles, you must put it together piece by piece. Plotting each value in order. Preferably in the order DABC. I found that plotting these were not too much of a hassle but I have yet to perfect it, due to simple mistakes. In time I will get wiser though.

Well that just about sums up my understandings on the unit of circular functions. All in all, this unit was a little rough around the edges, but still understandable.

Until next time!

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