Friday, February 22, 2008

Wrapping Up and Concluding Circular Functions

3 assignments, 2 periods, 1 class. This is PC40SW08 (Pre-Calculus 40S Winter 2008).

As of now, Mr.K is still out-of-province because he was selected by The Council at the Conference last week to help write a textbook, but will return from his quest hopefully by Monday. And so, we had the same substitute as previous class'.

Period 1:

Our first assignment was Quiz 2 on Circular Functions in which we were not allowed to use our calculator. It was not a hand-in because the substitute says "according to the instructions Mr.K gave me, it did not say to hand anything in." So we assumed that we are not to hand that in. The class worked quietly during that quiz.

After finishing Quiz 2 on Circular Functions, we were assigned Graphing Trigonometric Functions. We were also told not to use a calculator when doing that assignment, but were allowed to use the calculator to check our answers. That is for homework, folks.

Period 5:

In our afternoon session, we were told to continue working on this morning's pre-calculus assignments and that Exercise 7: Translations #11-20 is also for homework.

* Graphing Trigonometric Functions
* Exercise 7: Translations #11-20
* Circular Functions Test on Tuesday 26 or Wednesday 27

Next scribe is AnhThi.

That is all.

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