Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BOB: Conics

Time to Bob! (:

I'm quite happy that this unit was pretty short but I'm not going lie because truth be told, I did have some trouble in a few areas. The most trouble I had in this unit was graphing the parabola and I have no idea why I find that difficult compared to the others. The circle, ellipse and the hyperbola were probably the easiest because it was sort of similar to each other. I suppose I had trouble with the parabola because the formula seemed much different compared to others because it included 4p. Hopefully, with a bit more practice I'll feel much more comfortable graphing them. (:

The best part of the unit was folding the paper and visualizing the geometry in each conic section. I would probably have a harder time understanding the whole unit if Mr. K just explained each conic section without folding the paper. Though it took a lot of time and made me quite frustrated beacause the paper wouldn't fold the way I wanted it to, it helped me a lot to understand the anatomy of each conic.

Overall, this unit was pretty straight forward and hopefully I'll do better on the test on Thursday than the pretest we had today. *cross fingers and toes* Goodluck to everyone! Ciao! (:
PS. school's almost over! yay!!

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