Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DEV Work Period!

Well, today we had Ms. Gonzaga come back as our substitute since Mr. K was away today. Surprisingly, and thankfully, there was no quiz or anything (which some of us may have been expecting since we usually get one when there's a sub). But anywho, who cares about that right?! So then, basically, this class was dedicated to working on our DEV projects. The due dates for them are really close that's why. We were also told to work on Exercise 44 as well, and that's it! Same deal for the afternoon class! Okay, that's it!

Aaaannnnd!!! Here's something Jamie is probably expecting (inside-outside joke?!)...she's not scribe by the way, Joyce is, and no I did not mean harm to her by putting her name in red!

Well then, that's it for today!!!! Did I mention the next scribe? Well for those who don't care about reading scribe posts and just like scrolling RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM immediately, the scribe is Joyce.


.:. J + ME .:. said...

hey kristina, this is a better picture of a unicorn. check it out.

kristina said...

XD! well then, sure showed my picture lol