Sunday, February 24, 2008

BOB: Circular Functions

Hello everyone, since the test for circular functions is supposed to be this week, I'm here doing my BOB.

Okay, so during the beginning of this unit, when we were just introduced to converting degrees to radians and whatnot, I found that this was really easy. Sure, it was a bit confusing at first since I wasn't used to working with radians but it eventually got better as the unit progressed. Now I actually like working in radians better than degrees!

One part I had trouble with AT FIRST was learning the unit circle. As soon as I saw all those numbers on that unit circle, I panicked. What made it even worse was when Mr. K told us that we had to memorize EVERYTHING that was on the darn thing, and at that point, I was ready to cry. It didn't help much when Roxanne asked him what would happen if we didn't memorize the thing by the time he told us, to which he answered "You'll fail." But now that I know the cursed thing that caused me so much pain, I feel much better.

Now onto the graphing bits. The basic graphing wasn't so bad, but the added stuff, such as DABC, was. Sure, DABC was fun to say, but it was hard to understand at first since the last part of that class was rushed and it was so much to absorb in just those last 2 minutes we had.

Um, yeah, that's all I've got to say for this unit. It had its hard and easy moments, and overall, it was pretty good. That is all.

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