Sunday, February 24, 2008

BOB; Circular Functions

So knowing there's a test this week. I'll be BOBing.. while bobbing my head to music. Okay, lame, I know.

To the point. We started the semester without even introducing ourselves and our names which was a definite change from other teacher's ice breaking activities. And of we started, learning about Radians and what not, converting from degrees, a measurement we've been using in pre-cal for how long now, and finding our measurement was 'x' number pi over 'x' number. At first I had a hard time grasping the concept but later became comfortable after studying it for a while.

Later on, we learned the Unit Circle and all the radian measurements around the circle. Yet another item to remember, and the words of consequence from Mr. K when we questioned the idea of failing to memorize such a thing and he put it out plainly "You'll fail." And that's how the Pi pie crumbles... or is it how the cookie crumbles. Okay whatever, I'll stop with the mediocre attempts at what's called a joke. After much practice, I became comfortable with the Unit circle. Then finding the arc length was something else as well as we found that no matter how stretched out from the origin, it still shares the same proportionality.

The waves I found I was having a little trouble but had an easier time understanding than the whole Unit Circle memorization task. The only trouble I really had was with the Period ('B') but after Ben showed me how to do it it became clearer. I'll definitely study for this bad boy... Lol

G'niight all and good luck on the Test. Remember, the apple doesn't fall from the tree... wait what does that have to do with anything...?


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