Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday, February 26

My Turn to Scribe 2 ~ HOOOOOOOOOO!
It was my turn to scribe so...

At the start of class, Mr. K started by showing us a few websites with varying purposes. First he showed us skrbl.com which is basically an online whiteboard. Then he presented twitter.com which you can use to communicate with people but you have to sign up with an account.
After viewing the features of those sites, we finally got to buckle down and write our Pre-test. It was basically a scaled down version of a normal test. There were 2 multiple choice, 2 short answer, and 2 long answers. We were alloted 15 minutes. After our time limit was up, we assembled into groups of about 3 people. Each group would have to hand in the a paper with the best possible solutions. Following that we went over the answers to the test. Bell Rings*

The next scribe is kristina.

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m@rk said...


I really like how you summarized what had transpired during that class. It was really short but the details where chunked together. Good job!

Just a friendly reminder you need to add labels on your post. It will save Mr. K a lot of time when he's marking your scribe post.