Sunday, February 24, 2008

My BOB for Circular Functions

The test is coming up soon so I thought the time was ripe for a BOB. Our very first unit is circular functions. At first, it was relatively easy. Nothing too difficult, I would say it was exactly like Grade 11 but units in radians instead of degrees. Took me a while to adjust to radians since we have been using degrees for most of our lives but as Mr. K always proclaims "FRACTIONS ARE OUR FRIENDS". Casting away CAST took zero effort whatsoever. As so, the memorization of the unit circle. Since it always has to be a root of 1, 2 or 3 over 2. Converting radians to degrees and vice versa was cakewalk since setting up a proportion is easy for me. All thanks to my Grade 8 Math teacher: MR. TRAN!

As things progressed on, we were exposed to more things that I found familiar from Grade 11. For example, solving for trigonometry functions of X was one of them. The only difference is that the angles are in radians now. Another thing was sine and cosine waves and their transformations.
I liked a few things about this unit. The fact that radians have no units was a load off my mind (in case I forget to write the unit on a test and lose a 1/2 mark). Solving for exact values of stuff was also enjoyable.

That brings my BOB to an end. Good night and Good Luck!

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