Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hello everyone I am Richard and I am your scribe for Valentines day

Today we learned that there are four different ways to write a function but they all mean exactly the same thing, but they are just 4 different points of view. All the examples have to do with Mr. K's pet otter and that he eats two fish a day

1) In words
Example My pet Otter eats two fish a day.

2) In A table , you would draw it out in a table
Example below

3) in a Graph, You would graph out the information
example below

4) In an Equation you would make an equation for your data.
Example : y = 2x

Slide two
we did some problems
jsut a reminder dont when solving for the cos or sin or tan of a number and you find it you dont have to put the sin, cos ,tan in front of it anymore.
example cos² ( 5π/6) → cos² (-√3/2 ) which is wrong
the correct way is cos² ( 5π/6) → (-√3/2 )

After we did ten mental math questions

on slide 6 we also did some questions we didn't have enough time to do all of them
and the questions that you did not do is for homework.


In the afternoon Mr K was away because he had to go to a confrence to sspeak about leadership. the sub's name was Ms. Hallson. she gave us an assignment and that it was due tommorow.

well that was my scribe i hope it was usefull.... the nest scribe is going to be roxanne

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