Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey everybody, Paul here, doing my scribe post (since I got "voluntold" to). I hope 8pm isnt too late for a scribe post, but I guess you guys don't really need it all that soon anyway as we didn't do a lesson.

So yeah, today in Pre-Calculus 40S we had a substitute (Mr. Rekrus?), and he gave us an assignment per Kuropatwa's orders. The assignment was on circular functions and it went something like this:

You have a unit circle, and on this circle you have a point P, which is along the circumfrence of the circle and in Quadrant I. You also have point A, which is at the center of the circle (thus making it the origin), and a point B, which is positive along the X axis. If triangle APB is a right angle triangle, find the value of P that creates the largest area of the triangle.

Since this was a group assignment, the class was split into three groups. There was also supposed to be a time limit of 20 minutes, but the question utterly stumped the groups for most of the class, so the time limit was disregarded. Some groups finished the question before the end of class, some spent the entire class trying to solve it and some groups made little paper cranes.

And that was what we did today in Pre-Calculus.

Today's homework is Exercise 6, Questions 1-20. I suggest you atleast try them since we do have a test coming up.

As for the next scribe, I have chosen Zeph since he asked so nicely.

Good night and farewell.

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