Sunday, February 24, 2008

bob for Circular functions

Since our test is approaching for this unit I thought it was a good time to bob!

I was able to understand most things in this unit but my "muddiest point" would be the graphing part. I need still need some more practice with graphing those kinds of questions where all the DABC changes are there. I'm really comfortable with the A,B,C,D transformations but just not all together.

The part of this unit I really liked was probably those kinds of questions where you just have to find the exact values and simplify. At first that was kind of hard since we've all been accustomed to using degrees. I remember converting all the radians to degrees for each question, which was really time consuming. As I learned the exact values on the unit circle, I've found those kinds of questions way easier and didn't need to put it to degrees.

There's my bob for this unit. Good luck to everyone on the test this week?!

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