Thursday, April 24, 2008

AP Cal. & Pre Test: Logs and Exponents

Hey everyone it's Rox and once again I'm scribe for today's class. (:

Today's class we started off with Mr. K asking us if we are all going to be in AP calculus for next year or if were at least interested in it. Sadly, only 6 people are highly interested in it and are for sure wanting to be the class. However, for the class to actually "fly" at least 13 students must sign up or there will be no AP Cal. next year. Though your mark may go down by about 20% remember that it is a university course not a high school course. So we spent about 20-25 minutes talking about advantages of taking it next year.

1. In university, it takes 13 weeks (3 hours a day) to learn the whole entire ball of wax but if you choose to take it next year, it takes 8 months (5 hours a day) to go through the whole course.
2. If you do really well, you'll recieve money, up to 200-250 dollars I believe.
3. After you write the exam for the AP course, there's another exam a week after which is a "take home exam." Mr. K says it takes about 2-3 weeks which varies if you talk to him about it.
4. Previous students who took the AP Cal. course recieved 90's in university. (:

After we dicussed about how our marks in high school won't matter 10 years from now when we're applying for our career jobs. Marks in high school only count to get into university after that I suppose it's all history. They're only looking for our high school certificate and our university transcipt. Though it is difficult and it takes hard work, it will only pay off at the end. Mr K also mentioned to take as many AP courses as you can so in the future if you wish to switch, it won't be difficult to get into another course if you already have your AP bio, chem, art, etc.

Continuing today's class, we then wrote our Pre Test for Logs and Exponents. As usual we had several minutes writing the pre test then got into groups and worked as a team to solve each question. We had about 10-12 minutes before we handed in our pre test so we didn't get to go through all the answers. BUT I'm sure everyone still did well, even though we were sort of arguing on number 2 whether it was a or b. Luckily it was a after all! Yay to my group! Anyways, answers are posted up so if there are any uncertainties, take a look at the slides.

I believe I covered everything we did today and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's test. DON'T FORGET TO BOB... AND REMEMBER A LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT! Let's not forget, knock on wood! So I guess it's time for me to head out and choose the next scribe which will be.. uhm Justus!!

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