Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hi my names BOB, and here about Identities...

So this is my BOB for our Identities unit.

At first, I didnt really like identities. The whole concept of "proving" instead of "solving" bothered me and I really didnt get it or like it at first. It took a little while and alot of practice before I was able to do it.

In general I think the identities stuff was pretty great, kinda easy. The hardest part was and still kinda is solving identities "elegantly." Its pretty confusing sometimes and I can never seem to remember some trig identities right. Since this was a really short unit and we didnt cover a wide array of different stuff, it was much easier to swallow, especially with all the practises we did. The sine dance helped alot, and was great fun.

I think im fairly well prepared for tomorrow, although I'll be sure to review notes before I go to bed and remind myself that cosa != a. Always making that mistake...

Anyway, good night everybody and good luck on the test!

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