Friday, April 4, 2008

BOB For Identities

.. I almost forgot that I didn't blog yet. ^^;; Goodness.

So Identities. I was scared of this unit, because I was talking to some people that took this class and they kept telling me that it was confusing and hard and all that jazz, so I freaked out. But it's actually not that bad. I liked this unit, even though it did get confusing in some areas.

Proving identities sometimes took such a long time. I asked myself so many times whether it WAS the same because it took so long. It's like a puzzle, or wait. I remember Justus saying in class, 'this is like a maze', or something like that.

What I need to improve on is applying identities. Sometimes I don't see it, and even though I still get the answer in the end, it doesn't look as 'elegant' as it could be. But I guess that just has to do with more practice. I just need to encourage myself to try and not just give up when I see something that looks complicated. The whole point is to experiment and that's what I need to do.

So uhm, yes. I guess that is it. Test on Monday. Goodluck to all. =)

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