Thursday, April 24, 2008


So, this was a fair unit. I had my ups and downs... Like a sine function but yeah, overall this was pretty easy after you grasp the concept that a Logarithm is an exponent.. Even though you're gonna forget that. The whole Base, Arguement/Power equals an exponent was pretty easy. Even when he threw in the X's and what not, It was still basic quadratic equations. (Oh and don't forget, -b +/- squareroot bsquared - 4ac all over 2a :D (Trust me, it's helpful). Then we found what is called.. A natural logarithm. Ln (pronounced Ellen..). Apparently it's easier BECAUSE it has ONE LESS LETTER. Oh yey.

Then the graphing. It was... okay. Wasnt' the greatest experience in the world, but I'm still studying up on it. The whole fact that it gets infinitely close to 0 is well. Unreal. Concave up (remember it's like a sharp, curved, turn... to say the least.) or down. I liked the simplicity of the unit.. until it all came crashing down with this crazy stuff. We also learned about compound interest :D. Now we can all beat the bankers! xD A = Ao(model) t, which was also another thing we learned, and it was all geezy, until we started getting the wrong answers =/ But this was a real good unit. I'll definitely study hard for this one. >:D

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m@rk said...


I hope that you study hard for the upcoming test.On your BOB post, you mentioned, "Ln (pronounced Ellen..). Apparently it's easier BECAUSE it has ONE LESS LETTER." A clever reason but that is not the case, if you want to know why Ln is widely easier, I think that you should take AP Calculus for next year. You will see that the base e has so many cool properties. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'm going to stop now. Good luck!


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