Thursday, April 24, 2008

BOB on Logarithms

I almost forgot to BOB, it's a good thing I looked at this blog...before bed. Logarithms are exponents. Yes I remember. Logarithms are also pretty tough. At first I was quite confused about the logarithms are exponents, and the whole anatomy of it, but a little ways into the unit I grasped that concept. I found it quite easy to solve for a value using logarithms, and I thought it was going to be easy street. It's good to remember then, when you see the letter e, use ln, but when it's 10 use log, and if you see neither, then use ln, because its one less letter, good stuff. As I strolled along into the pre-test I unfortunately forgot all about graphing logarithms and I froze thinking about it, but I still don't fully understand it, but I can always study! Compounding interest was pretty interesting, and I never really thought about how interest worked, I just watched my savings grow, but it was nice to learn about how those bankers do it. I found half-life's also pretty interesting and quite straight forward and I loved the story behind it, and how scientists use it to date dinosaur bones. I always wondered why people were so sure about the age of dinosaurs, and now I know, so that was good stuff. It was all good fun, and I learned tons of stuff that weren't directly about pre-cal and it was really interesting. That's pretty much it, good luck everyone!


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