Friday, April 25, 2008

Dr. L. Og, Robert

I know, confusing name... Dr. L. Og Robert. [hey its like that Beatles song w. Dr. Robert] Logarithm BOB... I can't believe I didn't BOB yet it's pathetic. I was so preoccupied with bio....but I'm here now.

Well... I have to admit that I liked this unit. But there will always be some part of it you don't like. For example, me and graphs, we're not exactly in a good understanding with each other, but we've decided to keep our relationship civil. I'm not exactly comfortable with them yet, but I'm trying. I just have to look back on the other units like transformations to help me solve that.

I seem to have no problem with using the laws, but I also have to confess that I've occasionally forgotten that a LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT. Otherwise, I think I'm pretty confident about today, but who knows what'll happen.

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