Friday, April 11, 2008

Flickr: My Bathroom Tiles

Hello, this isn't late is it? I was supposed to post this earlier today but then my nap than expected ¬_¬. Anyways, back on topic.

My original thoughts when I was first introduced about this assignment was not as bad as Justus'. I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to find a good picture since I thought that trigonometry and circular functions were hard to find in the real world. Boy, did I end up being wrong. I found so many in my own house that I didn't even notice till now! Just this morning, while I was brushing my teeth, I noticed some on my own clothing, which made me go "Dood, I have waves on my clothes...". I then got dizzy after looking at them too long, so I then continued on with my business.

Well then! In conclusion, I'd have to say that I my eyes were opened and I now see the light of math everywhere. Sure, I might go crazy seeing math everywhere, even in places I didn't expect, but it sure is neat. Now then, on to my picture!

Anyways, that's all for me. Ciao, the bye version that is. Teehee.

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