Thursday, April 24, 2008

Logarithms and Exponent Bob

I almost forgot to bob! How could I forget such a thing? Hmmm shall I start with the good news or bad news first? Didn't Mr. K say it was always better to start off with the good news?

Anyways, I find this unit pretty straight forward. It was just in the beginning where it was sort of confusing because of all the "logarithms are exponents" saying. After finally understanding and getting the concept of treating logs as exponents, things became waay easier. I really hope there's a lot of those power, quotient, and product law questions on the test because I really like solving them. However, on that quiz we got where we had to solve for K I messed it up really bad. I forgot to divide everything so I could get the base e by itself an just ended up going straight to the step where you put log on both sides. Well I guess that quiz helped me see what I was doing wrong. I find myself not making that mistake anymore because of that quiz now. Oh yeah, am I the only one who likes using log better than ln?!

The worst part of this unit for me would probably the graphing. All the inverse talk confuses me but I'm starting to get it now....slowly. What I was doing wrong was I didn't start off trying to graph the original but went straight to the ln or log so I was just making it harder for myself.

I hope I do well on the test tomorrow :D. Sooo I better start reviewing the slides.

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