Thursday, April 24, 2008

BOB version whatever we're at -_-;

Okay well I almost forgot about this. I had to work tonight and was studying and doing crazy amounts of english and blah blah and when I finished I was just ready for bed. Then I remembered the bob for this unit of ours, logarithms and exponents. So because I'm tired, lets get this show on the road.

Pros (or other assorted things I found somewhat easy):

-I found this unit was helped along quite well with the phrase, "A Logarithm is an exponent." Many times when I found myself stuck on a question, I'd turn to this, and usually a eureka moment was soon to follow.

-Much of this unit was algebra, so as long as you had that locked down, almost half the work was done for you.

Cons (or other assorted things I found somewhat difficult):

-For me, one of the hardest parts of this unit was grasping the concepts in it. Usually when I learn something new, I take what I'm taught, and translate it in my head, and change it into a form I can remember. Now for the most part this process goes off without a hitch, but with this unit I found parts of it...trying. For example, I knew the change of base law worked, and I kinda knew where and when to use it, but I had nooo idea HOW it worked, until recently, when I got that cleared up with Mr. K

-Alot of the time I found it downright confusing. Like much of the unit made sense, but seeing the logs and ln's and such all over the place was sometimes disorienting, and a bit smothering. I had to learn to break it down, and take those problems one step at a time, or else I'd get overwhelmed.


Not my favourite unit. Not by a long shot. It was interesting yes, and as always Mr. K's teaching methods were inventive and got the point across, and when I needed help he clarified things quite well. However I am almost looking forward to this test tomorrow, because that means they're finished, done, finito; until exam time. I struggled the most with this unit out of all of them by far.

Anyways I'm going to sleep haha. z_z

Justus out,


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