Sunday, April 20, 2008

BOB for Log and Expos

This unit is by far the most difficult unit for me. I will be missing the test and a week of class so I hope that won't affect me significantly. So for this unit I take too much time in solving the questions. I usually have to look at examples before i start on question. That was why I usually only went up to solve questions that weren't the first ones. Well since I can't do that on a test I will have to get used to this unit and seeing the ways to solve the problems. The exponent part easily but the difficult parts are the log and ln parts. I know that logs and ln's are exponents. I got that down flat but I just need to see the ways to solve the questions at a much faster rate. So I believe practice is the best remedy. So the problem is that I will be missing this week's classes, so I'll have to find a way to write the test. So I'll ask if I could write the test the week when I return. So until next time bye bye.

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