Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BOB: Logarithms and Exponents

Its that time of the month again, yes, that's right, test time, and therefore its time to BOB! Well, with this unit, I found the basic stuff to be pretty simple. Just learning about the various laws and how to solve simple problems with logarithms and exponents was the easiest part. Learning about the natural logarithm was also not that hard, along with the compound interest and model stuffs.

Now, for the hard parts, I still find graphing things a bit challenging. I also found it hard to do those questions which say to solve for "this variable", be that k or x. An example of this would be those two questions from that quiz we had a few days ago when we had a sub. I have a feeling I really messed up those questions, and I mean really.

K that's all, ciao bella? o_O

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