Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back Again...

... But this time, I'm here to BOB!

So, Logarithms and Exponents, I thought this unit was pretty cool. Although I have mentioned more than once, to more than one person, that by the time I finish this unit (or course, depending on whether or not we'll use logarithms in other units), I would probably be sick of the word 'log' and the letters 'ln', seriously.

As always, my weakest area in this unit, is the graphing. Bleh, me and graphs just don't get along. Buut I'm working on it, so you know, it should be good? Maybe? The word problems are also a little hard, but then again, I'm not really a 'word problems' kinda person either. I have a hard time coming up with an equation for the question, and of course I can't solve any other question until I have that.. so I most likely need practice. I'm probably gonna ask Jamie if we could DEV this? Jamie? Hahaha, I need practice.

I liked solving the problems though, using log and ln, yeah, that's fun. But sometimes I have to stare at it a little to help me figure out how to solve it, which isn't good, seeing as there's a time limit and all. But hopefully I'll get past that and just get straight to it.

So yes, that is it. The end. Time for me to find some links because I sadly, have not yet. Good luck on the test everyone! Do your best. =) Study hard!

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