Monday, April 21, 2008


A subber-ducky is a really cool inter-species of rubber ducky. I'm kidding... but do you see how my mind works? It's kind of messed up with rusty gears in there. I don't exactly think of useful things. We had a substitute today and all I have to say is that everyone in the class proved how mature they really are, even if we were left practically unsupervised. Mrs. Gonzaga was a sweetheart and we all worked productively.

Now this isn't exactly the type of post where I could I guess, continue the use of Joseph's very well organized scribing method since we only did two things today. Firstly, we started off with a short quiz-- which I probably bombed. I know I'm not supposed to think that way, but trust me I know what happens. But for those of us in the class that were wondering what the formula was, it was:

A = P (1 + r/n)^nt

P = principal amount (initial investment)
r = annual interest rate (as a decimal)
n = number of times the interest is compounded per year
t = number of years
A = amount after time t

I'm assuming you're wondering why I don't change colours in my scribe. This picture will show you why.

Sorry, I was lazy to crop the important bit, so consequently you know what I'm listening to. But the thing is I CAN'T CHANGE FONT COLOURS!!! It's supposed to be beside the BOLD OPTION. Help?

Anyways, immediately after that, we were given a worksheet to practice our skills in solving problems with logarithms [which are exponents.] I wish I could change colour-- I guess I'll have to settle with colourful vocabulary. By the way, the spellcheck is telling me to change COLOURS into COLORS. Clearly someone's not Canadian. Here is the sheet for those who missed today's class because of mini-U or HSM. While we're on this topic, there was a huge debacle I happened to come across while listening to my Beatles songs on my iPod. High School Musical. I guess every school is treating that like a LEGITIMATE play. I mean, it is, in a way, because it is strongly endorsed by a "little-company-that-could" named Disney. But I'm sure everyone's heard the satirical jokes about the sequels on SNL. Face it, by the third and fourth installment, the protagonists have surely YET to graduate. Once they do, there is no "high school" musical [and there never really was at the end of the first one, which I anticipated]. It's like the show LOST or PRISON BREAK, there is no show if they're found and out of jail. I don't mean to disrespect, but math class is important...and also...I don't believe in the choice of musical even though it was brought up by popular demand. But then again, I am not "popular demand". I'm sorry for the tangent. What I can't do in font colours I make up in length. Trust me, there are no drafts.. I just type and it's bad when I type in my Stephen Colbert critical mode like I am now. But in all world peace and order, here's the sheet:



That was basically all we did today even though I always seem to elongate every little detail. I apologize and also I apologize once again because I'm picking myself as scribe again tomorrow, but I want to get it over with, but I can't promise that I won't ramble. Actually, I'm picking my alter-ego "Ja-you". I have issues with names. "PBnJamieSnagwich" is the mystery nickname according to you guys: It's basically PB & J Sandwich..but I don't say "sandwich". It's too...maginary. I know it tastes awesome Mr. K but I'm a literal eater. You never truly appreciate something unless it's gone. We miss your yogurt and your mad geography skills. But here's a challenge. Why don't you tell the class where exactly THOUSAND ISLAND IS? hahah

well I'm out. Remember, test on logarithms towards the end of the week! Remember to call up BOB or Robert...he's a good person to have around when nearing a test. Also, eat very suc.cule,nt and healthy foods. I'm FINALLY out.


Anonymous said...

i didnt see who was scribe?

.:. J + ME .:. said...

me again
you skimmed. I can tell...