Friday, April 11, 2008

Couches Are For Sitting

Or you know.. that's how it's supposed to go. But ever since we were assigned this 'math in the real world' assignment (I don't really know what it's called.. but I've been reading around, and this seems to be the general title for it), everything hasn't really been the same. I'm serious you guys, everywhere I went, I was like, 'LOOK! IT'S A SINE GRAPH!' or something, and I got called a 'nerd' lots of times, but you know.. that happens anyways. SO.

We read Justus' reflection thing today, and I had his reaction to this assignment. Except well, I thought, 'man, how am I going to find math in the real world?' But it turns out it really wasn't that hard as long as you paid attention. Actually! There's a lot of math in the real world, I had fun pointing them out and sounding all smart. Hahaha.

Anyways, on to the photo, of the back of my couch. Isn't it lovely..

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