Monday, April 7, 2008


Current status: Blogger mode. Also simultaneously practicing her different accents including British, Asian, Texan, Irish and wookiee. Yes, wookiee I AM CHEWBACCA. Jamie is also randomly singing along to showtunes from Sweeney Todd and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Jai guru deva om and currently referring to herself in third [?] person.. RANDOM. My madness, unlike Mr. K's does not always have a purpose.

Anyhow...FLICK OFF wasn't so successful here in the Winter-peg, Mani-snow-ba and I have to admit I was quite reluctant to turn the lights off because I needed to do homework. But this post isn't about GLOBAL WARMING. Sorry Al Gore...and the rest of the world.

What can be more important than saving the planet then, right at the moment? Nothing really. Nothing relevant worldwide at least. But I'm just handing in my FLICKR assignment. [and btw.. I've fallen in love with PICLENS have recommended it as a good online "tool" haha I guess it depends on what you're looking for.

But yes.. I've finished this assignment early. Now I must get on with the others. Yes, the work doesn't stop here. Meanwhile though, enjoy these links:

[CLICK here for page with notes....]

*** I WAS WONDERING BECAUSE FLICKR OFFERS a "GROUPS" OPTION and I think Mr. K should make one and put all our pc40sw images in there as well as tagging it. Not only is it tagged, but it is GROUPED!! Good idea? no? okay.. haha

PS - I wonder what happens when you double click "JabbaWockeez"!!! that's a thousand marks right there for posting that.

"WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!" - Ben Campbell [Jim Sturgess, 21]

[21 is a great movie!! It's a math movie too.. I wish I was good at math though.]


m@rk said...


I'm sure that Mr. K will look at your suggestion of grouping all your flickr photos into just one place so it can be accessible in just one click. This ca be very useful if you want to use the flickr images to study. I really think that it is a clever idea.

BTW, I watched the movie, 21 too. I really think that it was very clever, but i don't recommend that you guys should go gambling. I wonder if Mr. K will use the movie when you guys study the unit of probability.


Unknown said...

YES!! I got myself piclens too! It's so wow, and it makes looking for pictures so much better. xD