Monday, April 7, 2008

My BOB for Identities

Once again it is time to write a BOB on one of our units. It so happens this time around, the lucky winner is Identities. This unit allowed us to sharpen up our algebra skills(I liked that) as we were "algebraically massaging" expressions.
This was rather an intriguing unit because it made us think "outside the box" and try to be more "elegant" with our solutions. When I say elegant, I don't mean we draw a nice unicorn beside our problems. I mean that we should try to solve the identities with the least number of steps without skipping any.
I found it easier when writing everything in terms of sine and cosine. Although this might not be the best way to come at things because we want to be more elegant.
A big struggle in the unit for me was my own work ethic. Sometimes you think you are ready, but you're not... I feel as though I didn't get enough practice in proving identities. Everything else was a breeze. Well to solve my dilemna there is only one thing to do: practice makes perfect.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi AnhThi,

I can totally relate to your struggling with your work ethic and appreciate your honesty in sharing that!! I encounter that lots these days.

Sometimes remembering "A Hole in Sidewalk" helps me. I wonder if that might be helpful to you too?