Thursday, May 22, 2008

BOB: Conics

WOAAAHH!! I almost forgot to do my BOB again! Sorry this is really really late XD

Okay, this unit was one of my favorite units. I actually enjoyed graphing for this unit and I thought that the concepts were very simple. It was a good break from the Counting unit, which I didn't really like much. I also enjoyed doing all that folding during class, such easy homework! This unit was also full of laughs, we really couldn't seem to stay serious most of the time. As for the parts that I found the hardest for this unit, I would probably have to say that the hyperbola and ellipse were definitely the most difficult, although not by much. I got confused at first with how to find the foci and the asymptotes (hyperbola) but then it all made sense after some explaining. I also remember messing up graphing my vertical hyperbolas since I switched around the transverse and conjugate axis. All in all, tis was a good unit, now I got to get ready for school! Good luck on the test guys :P

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