Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bob for Combinatorics

This is the most difficult unit out of them all for me. I have a long list of problems in this unit. What I am having trouble with are the word problems. I have trouble figuring out where to start first of all like since there's so many ways to solve these problems. But todays class really helped me. I have a better understanding of how to tackle these word problems after seeing how Mr. K solves them by breaking down the question into parts. I also realize I am making a lot of mistakes with questions because I use pick when I should really be using choose. There was also that binomial theorem stuff that was really a pain but I get that now fortunately. It was just so confusing to stare at all those numbers and letters for the first time. Oh and how could I forget those circle seating questions?! I get half the work right for these questions and mess it up at the end by like multiplying numbers I shouldn't be but I think I've learned my lesson...

There wasn't much I was good at in this unit but I liked doing the easy things of course like the simplifying of those factorial questions. I'm relieved this unit is almost over...I can't wait actually. Knowing those numbers in Pascal's triangle are everywhere will haunt me forever though XD.

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