Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Combinatorics. I found this unit quite easy at the beginning. It was one of the units I felt very comfortable doing, 'cause more or less, it's just combinations and permutations. After that, it got a bit harder, with the whole poker hands and what not.

Basically you just had to focus on what was being said.

The Pick and Choose was easy enough to grasp, but then after that you throw in restrictions and all that which created a bit of a turmoil for some people, including me at times. At first, the table question stumped us all, and then we understood it after we got the whole reference part down because you know, a circle doesn't end =P

Then after that, bracelets threw us off because we thought "oh, it's just like the table." But it wasn't. Bummer huh.

I mostly had trouble with the poker hands, with all the choosing and restrictions =/

Overall, this was a good unit for me. Nothing tricky, I just have to observe it closely. Look for the clues, and you'll know what to do more or less.

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