Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bobbing on Shwards and Things

So, the infamous conic sections unit was completed late last week, and this would be a bob for said unit.

Where to begin? the good? the bad? the ugly? Lets start with the ugly

THE UGLY *dun dun dun*

-GRAPHS! Yes I'm terrible with graphs but I am getting better at them, thanks to a certain "perspective." More on that later though.

The Bad

Not to much here this time, thankfully.

-One of the most difficult parts of this unit is how most of the equations, have another equation which is nearly identical. This made memorizing/remembering which was which difficult at times.
-Going from standard to general form, and remembering which is which was often a pain.

The Good

-Short unit
-Easily understood by used of "visual" tricks (what I meant in the ugly section. By thinking of what the graph of some equation looks like, the question is often made much easier.
-Overall the concepts in this unit, and the difficultly level of the questions was not very demanding.

So yeah, there is it, my small and not very impressive bob post. :P Now I'm back to studying haha.


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