Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conically BOBING

The Conics Unit was pretty simple. The thing that really helped me in this unit was actually visualizing the geometry of each conic section. I started to see how each formula was related to the sections. Overall I'm doing fine so far in the unit. Just like what happened during the quiz. The circles and ellipses were easier to work with than the parabolas. I guess it was because that the
circle formula didn't change at all and that the ellipse formula
was very similar to the circle formula. The parabola
formula was a bit of a change. The a became 4p
and there are 2 binomials now. But it is like
what they all say, "Practice makes
perfect!" The Hyperbola
is still pretty new to
me but what I
that it
used a lot
of our older
analytic geometry
skills to graph the section.
It used the linear graphing skills
as well as many others. Now for my
thoughts about the class. I'm sorry if I am
being a bit mean but I would like it if we stayed
on task a bit more. It just seems like we were fooling
around quite a bit excessively, especially during the second
period. We would get a lot more done if we stayed on task. I don't
mind if we do have a little fun. But it would be great if we toned it down
just a tad. That's all I really have to say. I'm looking forward to the DEVs and
the exam. I'm not really nervous about it at all. As you can see I'm having some fun with my BOB. I am also looking forward to the word problems with conic sections as well as the test that is coming up. So until next time good luck on the test and YAY Calculus is going to work out. Calculus class of the future. Bye and TABBERNACK

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