Thursday, May 8, 2008

BOB Version 5: Combinatorics

I didn't like this unit. This unit wasn't very orderly like logarithms where there was sort of like a "process" to answer a question. Studying this unit felt studying like something that's abstract, but nonetheless, this is math. Although there wasn't any graphing to do...

I was a bit slow in this unit at first (and yeah I'll admit I struggled a bit), but I managed to learn the basics of permutations and combinations. The poker combinations took a while to wrap my head around, so I may still not be comfortable doing those types of questions, although being scribe for the class on the poker combination class really helped.

On the other hand, learning about phi, the Fibonacci sequence, and Pascal's triangle was... is eye-opening a good word?

Well, I hope I do at least satisfactory on the test today. Good luck.

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