Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BOB on Conics

Hi guys this is Richard and here is my bob on the unit of conics.

This unit was not as hard as the other units there were some parts that i got really easy like the ellipse. I probably found that this topic was easiest because i had to scribe for it or it is just the simpler out of the conic shapes. Another thing that was cool was that we got to do a lot of fun folding. That led to the geometry of the conic shapes.

There were also topics that i found difficult for example the parabola. I think that the main reason i don't understand it is because i was not present for that Pre cal class. I almost forgot that the graphing of the parabola is also hard. i also felt the same was that Francis felt on that Pre test. I was also puzzled by the transforming parabola question . Well that's just me ah ha

Richard signing off.

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