Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prologue to the Secret of the Universe

Unfortunately today, Mr. K had to leave for a meeting about curriculum changes so we were left to fend for ourselves. Luckily, we packed some survival tools: pencil, eraser and a calculator! We would need them to fight off the Fundamental Principle of Counting Sheet.

In the afternoon, with the return of our teacher, we wrote a quiz. Apparently, it consisted of the stuff we had been learning so far.Then, we went over the results of our efforts and assembled into 4 groups and continued to advance down the slides one by one solving each problem that came with each slide. Though as we may, we only managed to complete three but a surprise was in store for us next class. As Mr. K described the sneak preview of what would happen tomorrow. The next lesson will blow our minds out, teach us about the universe and poker...? Sadly that is all we did in two periods. Hopefully we can pick up the slack in the future.

NO HOMEWORK! well except the for the Fundamental Principle of Counting sheet

Tomorrow's scribe: Benofschool (upon request)
Next time in class: One of the ways god intended the universe and the game of poker??? Good luck Ben! you're gonna need it...

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