Monday, May 19, 2008

Bob for Conics

*Sigh* What a nice time to have a long weekend. Now I can bob early.

Anyways, this unit was really fun! Not to mention it was also short and simple. What really helped make me understand this unit more was the folding exercises with the ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Yes it really did help I'm not just making my bob extra fluffy this time XD. Folding was great for homework assignments too! I usually have trouble with anything that deals with graphing but not in this case. I found it really simple and *coughs* I enjoyed doing them. But what I'm worried about is mixing up all the standard formulas for the ellipse and hyperbolas because they're so similar. Other than that there wasn't anything that troubled me surprisingly and I'm really confident with this unit! Hopefully I'll still feel the same way about this unit after we get through word problems.

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m@rk said...


After reading your BOB post, I can see that you are having troubles with the differences between the standard form of ellipse and hyperbola. They are very similar and sometimes hard to distinguish because Mr. K might algebraically massage them and make them look harder than they actually are. I think that there is only one difference between them. On a ellipse the terms are suppose to have the same signs. On the other hand, on the hyperbola the terms should have opposite signs. To further enhance your learning about this you can check this out: