Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Conics Bob

Ahhh Conics. Too bad Mr.K didn't show us any more of his samurai skills with this metre-stick-katana.

To the point. I will admit, like every section in this course, I had troubles in one way or another. The origami was cool, as it went with the whole Japanese theme Mr.K was trying to capture (TOYOTA-HONDA-MITSUBISHI-MAZDA-YOKOHAMA-SONY-etc...) Like every other type of graphing, I don't like to graph. Granted it does give me a better look at whats happening and I can tell what's happening, but like everything else in life, just because you know how to do it doesn't mean you're supposed to like it. Like graphing.

I liked how parabolas, circles, ellipses and hyperbolas had their distinct way to tell each other apart without having to think hard but rather just look at what's switching to make it graph that way. But, that's probably about it. The math was pretty simple once I took the time to sit down and study it all, like I am tonight.

I didn't like word problems however, how they make it seem like it's supposed to be something it's not, but yeah, I know, I'm just over complicating it.

I will be deep in study for a while because well, exams are closing in surprisingly fast. OH and don't forget about your DEV projects.

Rence ~ Out

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