Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bob(ing for Combinatorics...instead of apples)

Haha I just realized I make up my bob titles as I decide to write the bob itself. Thus the title is basically just a direct brain to keyboard link of the first thing that pops into my head :]

Anyways to the point, the unit combinatorics (also known as counting, for those who missed that little piece of unit defining info.)

For starters I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this unit, a first for any of our units to date. Now that isn't to say that Mr.K didn't teach the other units adequately, I just had to really work at those ones to even get semi decent at them. This unit on the other hand, came kinda easy to me (some of it anyways) and thus, I enjoyed it!

Some of the things I liked about the unit were...
- The practicality of it. This unit gave me alot of knowledge that I can *gasp* actually use in REAL LIFE!!!!11!111!!!11!1!
- The fact that it wasn't really concept, or practice, or anything extensive, but seemed to have just the right amount of everything in it (unlike some other units *cough*logarithmsandUNFUNexponents*cough*)
- All the clever little things we learned along the way, that were totally unrelated to the unit itself. (We should have more of these)
- All the clever little things we learned along the way, that were actually related to the unit itself (and these also)
- The whole unit? Almost

On the other hand (or the second option here, which would be 1 choose 1, because I already went over the first topic.)

I didn't so much enjoy
- The formulas. Overall I found them bulky, and annoying, and hindering to my understanding of the unit as a whole. They just made everything more complicated I think.
- The algebra involving the whatever choose something else, and or the whatever pick something else. The whole factorial deal kinda gets me sometimes (errors with my algebra cause of the ! in the middle of it. Makes no sense I know.)
-The fact I left this bob till so late (I was horseback riding for my sisters birthday party. There goes half my day D:)

So ja, overall this unit gets 8 out of 10 justus league points, not 10, because I didn't much enjoy some of the algebra involved in it but meh, its pre-cal, OBVIOUSLY theres going to be algebra, so I'll just get over it then.

I think thats everything, so I'm going to study for awhile, then sleep, then hopefully mega super power up overshield bxrrxyy final boss strongside ogre 2 wavedash fox shine infinite aleph not pwnzor the test tomorrow. I wish you all the same amount of goodness on your tests :]

Goodnight! and Ciao!

Justus - out, and studying now.

Edit: ohmg! I just remembered I'm missing like a bajillion delicious box links. I'm super sorry guys I forgot all about that thing until I scrolled down and saw it D: I promise to go and find a bunch of super kewl links tomorrow, like lots of them, cause I owe you guys -_-; Hopefully you can find it in your textbooks (or TI-83's) to forgive me. :]

Okay, now I'm really gone :p

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