Thursday, May 22, 2008


Once again, it’s been days since I’ve gotten access to the blog. But I still manage to get things done. Conics—the in-depth look at the aspects of a cone. It sounds like I’m writing a feature article on it or something. I sort of enjoyed this unit, it had its moments. It was pretty reminiscent of the days when I was master paper folder in origami club. By the end of emphasizing each shape that evolved from a cone, I simply wondered, “what happened to just making cranes?” I also commend Mr. K for his innovative [yet deadly] ways of disarticulating a cone with a shward.

This may have been a short unit but I really have to admit that I learned a lot. I didn’t know that so many shapes could come from a cone, or two cones to be precise. A “hypercone”, just kidding… The proper term of course would be the double-napped cone that gives way to a hyperbola, a parabola on steroids. Sarcasm, my native tongue.

The class learned each of the formulas and also learned how to graph the formulas. Call me juvenile, but I still have trouble with the grade 12 version of the parabola. I think the 4p always throws me off. I also feel like using the other formula from grade 11 though. But using that idea again should be avoided since thinking would not be lateral. This is why practice makes perfect. I just need to do a little adapting. Otherwise, I’d think I’m ready for the test today. Just keep my hocus pocus my focus, look it’s a locus.

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