Thursday, May 8, 2008


Cominatoric BOB— sounds like a transformer or a robot or something. IRON MAN! eheheh Look at us and our shameless plugs, advertising movies. I am a sublinminal message. Anyhow, I know this is almost really late, but I couldn’t BOB previously because I don’t have internet access anymore. It’s a long story. So I wrote this on Microsoft Word and I’m going to paste it on. I have to admit, this was a fun unit. We learned about “counting” how could that not be fun? But straight to the point. These are only some of the things I learned this unit:

- There IS a difference between PICK and CHOOSE
- A combination lock is not really supposed to be a combination lock, but rather a permutation lock because the order of which the numbers are inputted matter.
- 49 nCr 6 is the actual number of different combinations that can be entered in 6/49 lottery which totals up to 13 983 816. What an investment that is…especially for those depending on it. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I just had to say.
- A circle was once again to be proven as such a special case as we subtracted 1 so that it is the REFERENCE point and then chose a number.
- Pascal’s Triangle [STOLEN] contained many different patterns and sequences, especially sequences significant to quadratic functions and whatever they’re called if there are more than just four…They deal with binomials so to say.
- Poker is a game of chance! [not factorial, but I mean it. Don’t gamble. Count cards and play Blackjack. It works…Winner Winner Chicken Dinner]

On the other hand, we all have our troubles, and these were some of mine:
- I still sometimes have a hard time knowing whether or not the problem deals with factorials or not. Because it could be using exponents like the one question in the pre-test with the number of questions vs. the number of answers. (4^20)(5^10) or something… with four being the possible number of answers to the twentieth because there are 20 questions classified this way and five to the tenth.
- Remembering how to calculate the chances of getting each type of poker hand when you’re considering what suit it is, how many there are, etc…
- When to normally multiply and not use factorials, I think it was also something Mr. K mentioned also.

I know this BOB was a little paint-by-numbers but I think I reached the objective of why we do these BOB’s. I didn’t actually entertain much, but that doesn’t matter because I did actually REFLECT today and I hope I’m ready for the test today. I’m going to slash it with my conic shward. You have to love subtitles and dubbing.


Anonymous said...

You can't really steal what you don't know exists... especially 400 years prior.

zeph said...


i like that picture of yours. what is it of? =)