Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Conic Workshops and Pre-Tests

This will be basic and short as I don't really have any time to spare.

Our first class consisted of
  • A workshop on Conic word problems

Our Second class consisted of a Pre-Test.

Our first class was pretty straight forward and Mr. K just put us in groups to solve a number of word problems. When we started on the first one. Some of us had an answer, but we didn't put it up, whether it was right or wrong. Mr. K pointed out that we were afraid to get out our Ideas because most of us, if not, all, are afraid of getting the wrong answer, and we'll be "bad people". He also pointed out that we shouldn't be scared in getting our idea's out, because it wouldn't make us "bad people" and if everyone was always right, we wouldn't need to attend the class. Because how else do you learn? By making mistakes. So take that into consideration.

Anyways, we worked on a few questions but we sometimes made it a little complicated by looking at it wrong. Remember Mr.K's block of wood. Look at it in different perspectives. I won't really go into detail, and you can more or less pick your parts and pieces from the slides.

In the afternoon class, we had a Pre-Test, and again, the answers are posted up on the slides. Our test is on THURSDAY. Do recall that Mark has kindly posted Links for us to brush up on our Conics. I know I'm gonna hit those links up later, so you should too :) Mr. K also has practice exam's and exam information in his LINKS section (because you know, the exam is in a bout two weeks roughly) Sorry this is short and not into detail but I have to go. Kthxbye!

Oh right.. Scribe.. The next scribe shall be... ROXANNE :)

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