Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BOB on Conics

This unit was quite short, but I'm not celebrating. Personally, I need a bit more time with this unit, only because I don't think we went far enough with transformations that can happen with each conic shape. On the pre-test I saw that one question where the graph of a hyperbola was stretched 4 units, and moved down 1 unit, I was sitting there staring at the page for like 5 minutes, forgot all about those transformations. Plus, I don't think I can remember all those equations such as the equation of a circle, ellipse, hyperbola and the new parabola equation. Hopefully we'll get a formula sheet, or some other type of aid. On top of that, I don't fully understand the total anatomy of all these conic shapes, such as the major, minor, semi-major, semi-minor, conjugate, and transverse axis', and some, I suppose. I still don't exactly know about graphing these guys either. Other than that, I really enjoyed folding the paper, being interactive in a class is always a plus.

Good luck on the test everyone.

Until next time,

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