Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BOB the Blogger is Back! (Identities Unit)

Its that time of the unit again, where we must do our BOBs!. thus I commence with mine own BOB for Identities.

So to begin I'd like to say that this unit was easily the most up and down one for me. I'll explain what that means exactly right now. With most of the other units, it was either steadily easy, or steadily difficult. However, with the identities unit, I found that it was all over the place. Some of it I got extremely quickly, and other parts of it I struggled profoundly with.

The easiest parts I think, involved the use of the sum and difference identities. Substituting the values of sine or cosine, or substituting the identity itself seemed relatively straightforward to me.

One of the more difficult parts, involved solving identities in general, as I'd usually get stuck in the paralyzed frozen mode Mr. K was talking about because I couldnt see the end of the problem, and thus, didnt want to advance into an uncertainty. I am working on forcing myself to continue and try new things though to get rid of that bad habit :P

One of the things I found most helpfull was the sine dance. Expect to see me doing it during the test :D

Well I think thats all, so Ciao!

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