Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Slides: March 10

Here they are ...


zeph said...

I caught Mr.K's lie on Slide 4. Hahaha.


zeph said...
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zeph said...

I think Mr.K lied to us again.

If you look at slide 16, we have:

-0.25 = sin Ѳ
arc sin (-0.25) = Ѳ
-0.2529 = Ѳ

Now, looking at the above, shouldn't Ѳ = -0.2527, not -0.2529?

Also, we find that -0.2527 is a related angle found in quadrant IV. And to find the related angle in quadrant III, we would have to:

pi + 0.2527 = 3.3943.

But, if the related angle were to be -0.2529, then if we:

pi + 0.2529 = 3.3945

we would get 3.3945. But on slide 16, the number Mr.K wrote is 3.3943, meaning that the chances of Mr.K making the -0.2529 as a mistake is reduced, while the chances of Mr.K making that as an intentional lie is increased.

m@rk said...


I'm quite impress that you caught that lie. I didn't even caught that one when i was trying to redo the whole question by myself. It's quite nice to see that many of you guys are getting a lot from Mr. K's lies. I guess that his strategy makes all of you critical analyze what he is saying.Good job and keep up the good work!