Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trignometry Identities for March 26.

First off! Today was formal day! Hopefully you dressed formally, if not, shame! Just kidding, math doesn't require formal clothes. I'm not sure if I should have waited for Paul to scribe for yesterdays class, but today he chose me for scribe while we were in class.

Today wasn't very exciting, and you all know I'm not talking about the talent show, now that was INSANE. Yeah it was pretty sweet, but you know what else is sweet? CANDY! Okay, but anyways. Today in class we had a substitute teacher. The only thing we did in class was a worksheet entitled "Trig Identities Worksheet 3.4" and as you might have guessed it's about solving trigonometry identities. This worksheet was really quite helpful in understanding some identities. It Cleared some of my thoughts at least. In total there were 16 questions on this worksheet, and some questions were simple and others gave you the "where do I start?!" question. After all, this worksheet did take the whole class and was plenty of time to finish some of those tough ones. If you're not done the worksheet, it was for homework, and I'm sure that most of us had to bring it home. It was really helpful and good luck on the pre-test tomarrow.

Like Jeff out of the Coffin! I'm Out!

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who's the next scribe?