Sunday, March 9, 2008

BOB for Transformations

It's time for another test. It was a short unit but I liked a lot of the things we learned. I feel really comfortable with those asymptote questions. At first that whole biggering smallering thing confused me but I get that now. I've been enjoying those inverse questions too. It really helped that we were showed how to understand them graphically, algebraicllay, and that baby play concept. What I liked best from those three was the algebraic one. It was so simple to get since all we had to do was replace the x and y places. But graphically helped me understand what was happening as a result of the x and y place changes.

What I had some trouble with in the beginning was some transformations. After getting it through my head that -f(x) meant to take the opposite of the y values and that f(-x) meant to take the opposite of the x values it became easy. The whole reciprocal thing confused me too in the beginning. I didn't understand that all we were doing was undoing everything that was done until like near the end of class. One last thing, I'm also really sloppy when it comes to questions like -3f(1/2x-2)+1. I always forget to factor out the 1/2 and to use its reciprocal.

K there's my Bob for this unit. I'm kinda looking forward to this test too. Hope I'll do better on it than the last one where I like blanked out. Anywhooo that's all lol.

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