Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Bourne.. ~ er ~ BOB Identity

Rence here reporting his bob a week early before the test takes place but HEY! Let's get this out of the way. I found this to be quite an interesting unit. The whole other identities of trig functions and all that. At first, I was a bit confused but later it all unravelled with the collories, difference of square identities and proving identities.

At times I found proving identities hard because well, like a normal case, you'd have to collect evidence to prove the identitie is real. Very rarely is the identity false because you'd algebraically massage it until it all falls into place like a puzzle, but a sudoku puzzle to be exact, because you're not always going to make a sudoku puzzle perfect from the start. You play around with it here and there. I found playing around with the identities a bit tedious, but it had to be done. It's just that I don't notice certain identities at first that would lead to the final answer.

This was a good unit in my say, theres were just a few frustration points where I had to get over the hump so yeah. I don't and do look forward to the test at the same time. So yeah.

~Rence OUT!

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