Monday, March 10, 2008

BOB: Transformations

Yet again, there is another test coming up and therefore I am BOBBING! I seem to be real happy, maybe perhaps I just finished my English essay! YAY! However, that has nothing to do with math so here I go with my Bobbing...

I believe the first part of the unit was much easier, mainly because all I have to remember is STRECHES before TRANSLATIONS then I'm good to go! Truth be told, I have an easier time dealing with streching and compressing graphs than finding the reciporcal of a function. I also found that it was easy to figure out whether or not a function is even or odd. I did have some trouble with the aboslute value questions but with the help of the excercies I believe I got the hang of it. (I hope didn't jynx myself)

With that said, the most difficulty I had was graphing reciporcal functions. It's so confusing! Sometimes it takes longer for me to figure it out. Also, in today's class was quite confusing about the Saskatchewan sunrise problem. Oh my god, t'was hard! I still don't really quite understand all of it. I usually have to look over the slides and my notes over and over until I fully understand the whole ball of wax! (Some Mr. K for y'all LOL) I believe the hardest was the last part of the question, well maybe not the hardest, but the most confusing.

With that said, hopefully I will do well this coming test because I think I didn't do very well in the last test. Anyways... goodluck to everyone on Wednesday and on the Pretest thingy! Ciao

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